sea moss wholesale 50 lbs

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sea moss wholesale 50 lbs

looking for a good Irish sea moss  wholesaler? we would love to serve you and your customers. we did the hard work  to help you with your sea moss business we travel to the source, found  some of the best island sea moss farmers negotiated the best pricing by locking in big wholesale orders, did all the government paperwork and got the FDA ''Food and Drug Administration" Approval so we can import sea moss into the USA  the sea moss is inspected before its shipped into the USA,

you won't have to do any long internet searches trying to find a wholesaler we process and ship out orders in 48 hours, So we are passing the savings on to you hope you give us a try

as your New Irish sea moss wholesaler you can try a small 2oz or4oz bag of sea moss for a sample Get yours at

-Best place to buy gold Irish sea moss at wholesale prices
-We have gold sea moss with business start up packages to help you save money
-Great quality sea moss with a 30 day money back grantee we stand behind the quality of our product